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    As Influencers & Brand Ambassadors that reach and inspire millions of women and girls around the world, our Goddesses are essential to bringing awareness to the fashion industry, realizing change, and impacting millions of women and girls through Divinius together.

    When our Goddesses are wearing Divinius they evoke so much more than just a luxury fashion piece that accentuates their beauty, it represents their inner beauty and values showing the world that they care about ethical, sustainable, and transparency for women and the environment and that they want to empower women & girls around the world with opportunity, success, and fulfillment in life. It represents a stand against fast fashion and the dark and destructive effects of the current fashion industry.

    We are highly selective and only choose to work with a limited number of new influencers and even fewer to welcome as Divinius Goddesses as they must carefully consider the "influence" and "impact" of their words and action to their audience. Our values, ethos, and mission must be in alignment from the very beginning for an amazing start of our impact journey together.




    We are looking for women who embody the Divinius ethos & mission to help represent our brand and further our mission of changing women and girls live through sustainable & ethical luxury fashion. We select brand ambassadors based on your values and how you embody the Divinius lifestyle. Our focus is then on engagement as opposed to the size of your following and we only work with a limited @ of new influencers every month. Apply to be a Goddess by telling us about yourself below and we look forward to welcoming you into the family!


    Know someone who would make the prefect Goddess to represent the Divinius brand and mission? Let us know her Instagram handle and e-mail, and we'll feature you on our Instagram if we end up working with her!

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