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      Try before you buy, everything arrives at your doorstep with free shipping. You pay for what you keep. The return shipping for the rest is on us. This is the easiest way to shop online.

    • experience true sustainable luxury

      Each DIVINIUS fashion is made from the finest materials mother nature has to offer. Touch and feel the long lasting quality, softness and durability of  materials from the comfort of your home.

    • perfect style. everytime

      They look good, but how do they feel? Does this size fit me? Will this color look good on me? Don't just look at the pretty pictures on the screen, order it, try it on, it's worry-free to build your sustainable wardrobe.


    • 1. Build Your Outfit

      Shop any DIVINIUS fashion of 3 to 5 pieces of clothing and/or 3-4 pieces of jewelry then checkout. You will not be charged full-price. We'll simply authorize your card with a $50 deposit. We'll ship the clothing to your home with FREE fast shipping.
    • 2. Style At Home

      Once you receive your package you'll have 5 full days to style your new DIVINIUS fashion. Mix and match your outfits, try the sizing, and most importantly feel the sustainable materials and handmade quality that went into the fashion you're wearing.
    • 3. Keep or Return

      During the 5 days, you can decide to keep or return any of your DIVINIUS fashion. The $50 deposit will directly apply to the pieces you choose to keep. Anything you are not sure of or didn't fit right, you get to return for free (if you keep at least one piece). If no pieces are kept the $50 deposit will go towards the shipping, cleaning, and restocking fee. Simple!
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    Why DIVINIUS fashion?

    • Sustainable

      Each DIVINIUS items is made from the finest sustainable materials that mother nature has to offer us. This creates fashion of the highest comfortability, softness and long lasting durability that will be with you for a lifetime
    • Ethical

      Handmade by women for women with craftsmanship that sets true luxury standard. We pride ourselves on working with partners that focus on creating safe environments and a culture of safety and fair wages for their team.
    • IMPACT

      At the heart of DIVINIUS is a value of impact on women/girls, animals and the planet. Your purchase changes lives. 10% of the profits from DIVINIUS supports women in health, education, careers, and social justice. We plant trees in countries around the world and work with animals protection charities.
    experience DIVINIUS fashion
    Our goal is for goddesses in North America to find their perfect size and style every time! This is the reason that we’ve launched the Style at Home program that lets customers choose up to 5 piece to try on in the comfort of their own home. Select your favourite pieces and get 5 days to try them on and decided what you would like to keep! Simple as that.
    We definitely understand why this might be confusing for you. Our Style at home is provided through a trusted third-party company called Black Cart based in Toronto, Canada. This is part of their fraud check to ensure their merchants customers are able to provide payment. It will show in your account as a deduction of $50USD, however this payment is immediately cancelled and you will still have access to those funds.
    The try-on period starts the day your order is delivered. We’ll send you an email reminder 48 hours before the five days ends. If you have any issues, just talk to the Goddess Support Team through live chat or email!
    You can try up to 9 pieces in an order depending on the product category you choose and you can add multiple sizes of the one style to help find your perfect fit! For clothing pieces, the minimum will be 3 pieces in one order and a maximum of 5 pieces. For jewelry there is an order quantity minimum of 3 jewelry piece and a maximum of 4 jewelry pieces.
    Style at Home is currently available for all United States and Canadian customers to use. We may expand to more countries in the future.
    When you order through Style at Home, you will see the pieces price crossed out on the side – we do just ask for a $50 deposit off a credit card of your choice. If you decide to keep any pieces, the $50 can be taken off the final order amount. If none are kept, the $50 will go towards restocking, cleaning and shipping.
    Currently for the Style at Home program, if no pieces are kept, the $50 deposit will not be refundable as it will go towards covering the shipping, cleaning, restocking and packaging fees.
    Simply log onto your online black cart account and select the pieces you would like to return and a shipping fee will be added to the order and then it will generate a pre - paid shipping label to stick on the outside of the bag. The shipping fee will be deducted off your order so the return shipping is on us. Then you can drop off the return package at your local Post Office. It's that easy!
    Currently, for goddesses using the Style at Home program, discount codes will not be accepted at this time.
    All clothing and jewelry styles are available to be tried at home!
    For exchanges with Style at Home orders, you would need to guarantee that the piece will be kept and paid in full and the decision to exchange made within the 5 try-on days. We’ll cover the shipping both ways. Exchanges will not be available after the order is complete and the initial exchange is made.
    Definitely! If you would like to return within 30 days for a full refund, just let our Goddess Support Team and they will assist you with that. Terms and conditions apply (please refer to our store policies page for more information).
    If your style at home order has not been returned within the 5 day try on period and you haven’t marked in your black cart online account, our systems will automatically charge your card on file for the retail price of the pieces included in your Style at Home try-on. If you are able to send your Style at Home pieces and send it back to us after you've been charged we will fully refund the charge as soon as possible however if all pieces are returned, the $50 deposit will go towards shipping, cleaning, restocking and packaging fees.
    Feel free to contact us or talk to us via live chat by clicking on the bottom right Divinius icon!