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    Luxury Italian Apple Leather Bag

    The True Cost Of Traditional Leather Bags

    99% of fashion brands create handbags made from
    Traditional Animal Leather or Plastic Creating An Irreversible Cycle Of:



    Traditional Animal Leather requires unethical and unsustainable cycles of killing animals for their skin in order to make many of the traditional leather bags today. It’s completely unnecessary in 2021 and beyond to continue these practices by using hyper sustainable materials that are longer lasting, durable, and stronger than traditional leather.



    The traditional creation of leather handbags starts a cycle of irreparable damage to our environment that involve toxic chemical waste which hurt the people that make it and those that use traditional leather bags unknowingly. That’s why we want to use sustainable creation process with vegetable dyes to reduce and utilize the byproducts that are created.



    Most bags are made in 3rd world countries using an unethical creation process from materials to chemical dyes and all the way throughout with slave labor that continue to do more damage due to the high consumer demand for animal leather bags that are made cheaply.



    Traditional Animal leather materials and production are one of the highest environmental impacts to global warming in the fashion industry. Different leathers can have an over tenfold difference in environmental impact based on their type and origin and how the tanning process took place. Switching to alternative materials can directly improve the environmental footprint and reduce the negative impact.



    During the making of a traditional leather bags high water consumption / wastage has one of the highest magnitude of damage impacts to our environment compared to sustainable materials like our AppleLuxe™ sustainable material. Not only does choosing to use sustainable leather reduce the need for water, chemicals and contribution to waste, but it also makes way for a massive positive change in eco-footprints.

    That’s why we decided to be different by spending a year researching, testing, and creating a near-perfect bag collection using one of the world’s most hyper sustainable materials and we did it...

    LuxeAppleª Material.
    Sustainably organic
    Apple Skin.
    In Italy
    11 Pockets With
    Ways To Wear
    Stronger, Longer
    Lasting & Durable
    Apple Leather
    Sustainable &
    Peta Approved
    With Low
    10% Of Net Profits
    X X X X X X X X
    Angela Roi
    X X X X X X X X
    Matt & Natt
    X X X X X X X X
    Wool & Oak
    X X X X X X X X X

    Meet The Entire Eden Bag Collection

    The Everyday Bag

    The Tote Bag

    The Bucket Bag

    Experience True Sustainable Luxury Every Day.

    Ready For Everything Life Throws At You.

    Made Timelessly For The Modern Woman.

    Girls Night Out/Dates

    Busy Day At Work

    Relaxing Walks

    Morning Workout/Meditation


    Experience the Lifestyle

    Meet The Entire Eden Bag Collection

    The Everyday Bag

    The Tote Bag

    The Bucket Bag

    The World’s First Transformational Sustainable

    Luxury Italian Apple Bag

    4-In-1 Multifunctional Bag With 11 Pockets.





    Experience the Transformation

    Meet The Entire Eden Bag Collection

    The Everyday Bag

    The Tote Bag

    The Bucket Bag

    True Luxury Is In The Details.

    Handcrafted With Love From Renowned Italian Bag Craftsmans.

    Innovative AppleLuxe™
    100% Organic Hyper Sustainable Italian Bucci Di Mela Grain Leather

    AppleLuxe™ Material is the world’s most sustainably organic Apple leather. Looks And Feels Similar To Full Grain Italian Leather Without The Animal Cruelty. PETA Vegan Approved.

    Handcrafted In Italy From
    Master Luxury Bag

    Premium Gold DIVINIUS
    AppleLuxe™ Interior Tag

    Premium Gold Oro Hardware, Custom Engraved Zipper, & Bold Hoops

    Custom Engraved Zipper With “DIVINIUS Logo”

    Golden DIVINIUS Status Symbol Interior/Exterior

    Cotton Interior Lining With Reinforced Backing

    7 Interior Lined Pockets [Fits 13-inch Macbook]

    3 Exterior Golden Zipper Pockets

    Experience the Details

    Meet The Entire Eden Bag Collection

    The Everyday Bag

    The Tote Bag

    The Bucket Bag

    Meet The Entire Eden Bag Collection

    The Everyday Bag

    The Tote Bag

    The Bucket Bag

    Why The Eden Collection?

    Your perfect array of must-have bags with a unique upgrade. Made from Nature. Elevating the modern woman. We’ve created the world’s most sustainable and ethically made bags for every day, every occasion, every modern women’s needs. Using the world’s most and Innovative AppleLuxe™ leather material steeped in natural vegetable dyes.

    The discernable feel of rich leather: soft, textured & extremely tough. Our mission is to create the best version of the classic styles that we all love and need to make sure they are environmentally friendly, ethical, high-quality, and cruelty-free.

    Watch The Craftsmanship That
    Goes Into Your DIVINIUS Eden Bag

    Each Bag Purchased = Real Change.

    Women. Animals. Environment.

    • Plant 5 Trees In Countries Around The World To Support Our Entire Environment. Fight Against Climate Change & Eco-System For People.

    • Wearing DIVINIUS means enjoying true sustainable and ethical luxury fashion by helping people, planet, and animals along the journey. You're automatically contributing to making our world a better place for everyone.

    • Saving Animals & Our Mission To End Animal Cruelty For Leather Along With...

      Protect Animals In  Communities, Farming, Wildlife, And Even During Disasters.

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    • The Rebirth Promise

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