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    Divinius is not for every women. Divinius is a status and symbol worn by Goddesses that care about the impact of the clothes they wear. It’s about their values, belief, and actions in having a positive impact in as many areas of their life as possible because we are all living in this world together.

    Women that care about ethical, sustainable, and transparency in fashion and everything they come in contact with.

    Women that need to bring awareness about our broken fashion industry that’s filled with modern day slavery, destructive environmental impact, and unsustainable growth.

    More importantly it’s for women that desire to instill and inspire confidence, opportunity, success, and beauty into the world around them through the 10% of net profits we donate to women centric charities.

    Divinius origins is taken from the word "Divine" meaning to be proceeding directly from an entity perfect in power, wisdom, and goodness into the world.

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    30-DAY GUARANTEE Buy at no risk—If after receiving your Divinius fashion piece you don't love it and you let us know within 30 days, we’ll exchange it or refund you the full amount.
    Affordable Luxury. Invest in your DIVINIUS fashion piece today while only paying a fraction of the price over time.

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