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    As Mother Nature Intended It To Be.


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    Women. Animals. Environment

    • Changing the daily lives of women/ girls with 10% of our net profits. Supporting women/ girls in 18 countries through health, education, social justice, and careers.
    • Saving animals & our mission to end animal cruelty for leather along with. Protect animals in communities, farming, wildlife, and even during disasters
    • Plant 15 trees across North America, Latin America, Asia, Africa that support our entire environment. Fight against climate change & eco-system for people

    The Beauty Is All In The Details

    Ultra Sustainable Materials

    No Trees Are Harmed.

    Made from 100% recycled or reclaimed wood from around the world with millions of years of history.


    Leadwood is one of the largest trees in Africa capable of attaining a height of 20 meters. Its name perfectly describes the weight of the wood which is extremely dense and heavy. As such, it is impermeable to termites and is one of the only wood species that sinks when thrown into water. Leadwood is an excellent wood for any applications where strength, insect resistance, and durability are required.


    Genuine Teak is one of the world’s most well-known and coveted woods. It has a beautiful natural honey golden hue, but more importantly, it is famous for being highly resistant to rot, pests, and fungi in both land and marine environments. Teak is also naturally water-resistant and physically very strong and durable.


    Katalox is one of the densest woods in the world. Native to a wide range of territory from southern Mexico through Central America and into northern South America. The most striking and desirable characteristic is the coloration of the heartwood which ranges from a dark reddish-brown to nearly black. It's stability and handsome appearance makes this wood a popular choice.


    Known for its dark brown/black stripes, its name comes from the resemblance to a Zebra's pattern. The tree is found in West Africa, specifically in areas with rich volcanic soil. The specific way the tree twists and turns causes the grain to interlock which gives it an even more unique look.


    There are many species of Walnut throughout the world, but the most common species originate in North America. This wood's rich color and easy to work with characteristics make it one of the most valued wood types. Walnut has a medium texture and it's extremely durable overall.

    Eco-friendly and Vegan
    Watch Straps

    Our PETA-approved cork straps are made in Portugal from the bark of the cork oak which is carefully extracted every 9 years, when the tree is in the most active stage of growth and it is easier to peel it without causing any damage or harm to the tree. It’s one of the most renewable and eco-friendly resources on the planet and a wonderful vegan alternative to leather as it is sustainable, high-quality, durable, and resistant. Besides being waterproof, elastic, fire resistant and unique in its appearance, it is a naturally harvested material!

    Each wood pattern is unique and one-of-a-kind just like you

    Made From 100% Recycled Or Reclaimed Wood From Around The World Millions Years Of History. No Trees Are Harmed.

    The Perfect Elegant Allure For Every Occasion. Work, Dates, Girls Night, Parties, Weddings. Fill Every Day With Infinite Possibilities.

    Each Watch Is Handcrafted By Master Artisans In Canada For Timeless Style & Everlasting Quality.

    Timeless Luxury As Pristine & Pure As Mother Nature Intended It To Be.

    Extremely Lightweight Compared To Traditional Metal Watches.

    3 Year Revival Program

    We believe in the long-lasting quality of our watches that will be by your side for life but in case anything happens any watches purchased directly from DIVINIUS qualify for 3-year repair guarantee, free of charge, with our Revival Program.

    Timeless Style & Everlasting Quality Achieved
    Once A Decade.

    Become A DIVINIUS Goddess And Enlighten
    Everything Around You.

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