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    We're manufacturing & donating PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that medical professionals on the frontlines need to fight against this global pandemic.


    As the global pandemic worsens, many communities, friends, and family have been negatively impacted. For those that have been infected and require medical treatment. 

    We currently have a massive problem with a shortage of medical supplies and equipment for our medical professionals at the front lines fighting this pandemic to help members of their community survive, recover and live every single day. They can't be worried about running out of the equipment that will keep them or you safe. 

    Various North American news outlets and their federal and local government have stated that the USA/Canada Will require BILLIONS of certified face masks and PPE for the long and arduous journey for the foreseeable future. 

    Without this equipment, there is a long list of unfortunate challenges and results that delay the end of this pandemic

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    We have been fortunate to have been an impact/purpose-driven brand at the heart from the very beginning that enables our customers to have social impact while enjoying true sustainable and ethical luxury fashion by helping people. planet and animals along the journey.

    We've already started production on masks, face shields, sanitizers, and gowns to distribute to hospitals around North America. In addition, we're going to start donating medical kit with each purchase. With hundreds of hospitals requesting ppe, we realized we have to do more even as a small company.

    We invite our customers to shop with us so that for each purchase will contribute a medical ppe to hospitals or to make a personal contribution, however small, until Coronavirus has been stabilized.

    Let's support the bravest people are on the front lines. Together we can help keep them safe.


    Here are some ways to help... 

    • Shop DIVINIUS and for each purchase we will contribute one medical grade PPE to hospitals in Canada/USA. 

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    • Make a personal donation directly. 100% of your contribution of the gear to the hospitals. We have over 100+ hospitals requesting masks and we have the capacity to make various quantities of medical ppe per day.

      All we need is people to help fund production. We make no profit on these.

      For every $100 you contribute, we can produce and fulfill 100 new masks in 2 weeks.

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    • FREE support (Takes a few clicks)

      Share this page with as many friends/families as possible so that the)'re aware of situation and can make a personal contribution.

      More importantlyu if you know any hospitals that need help let us know and we can plan to ship them some PPE that we have.

      Our goal is to equaly distribute the available medical PPE across USA/Canada for those that need them. #uniteagainstcovid

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